New Recycling Program Turns Trash Into Treasure

A new recycling program aims to convert all brands of empty dish-care and air-care products – including bottles, soft plastics and air fresheners – into sustainable raw materials. Unlike the bottles, cans and papers we can recycle today, the new program can also take plug-in air fresheners, flexible packaging as well as other items.

The Dish and Air Care Recycling Program, launched by TerraCycle in partnership with Procter & Gamble, will covert the products into sustainable raw materials rather than requiring more virgin plastic to be produced. In addition, the program will also give back $0.02 per item to a designated charity or school aligned with the program.

This extends TerraCycle’s programs for recycling materials that are not accepted into kerbside recycling, such as beauty products, toothbrushes and cigarette butts. TerraCycle converts that waste into plastics that are made into items such as garden edging and playground equipment.

Once you have a stash of dish care products and air fresheners – all brands are accepted, not just those produced by Procter and Gamble – TerraCycle will collect them at no charge. They’ll shred, wash and melt them down into raw materials to be used as an alternative to virgin plastic.

With council-led recycling programs facing an uncertain future since the news that China has limited the volume of recyclable waste it will buy from Australia it’s important to look for alternatives.


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