The 3 Worst Types Of Hack

The 3 Worst Types Of Hack

Video: We love to test hacks and report whether they’re good or bad. But some hacks aren’t worth anyone’s time. And yet these bizarre and stupid hacks are spreading on Facebook and YouTube, getting millions of views.

In the video above, we show you the most outrageous hacks that aren’t worth your time. They come in three varieties: Hacks that are worse than the normal method, hacks that solve a non-existent problem, and hacks that are physically impossible.

See a spray bottle made of a Tic-Tac box and… half of a spray bottle! See lollies disguised as office supplies! See a very stupid fake science experiment with a charcoal brick and peanut butter! And then never talk to us about these dumbarse hacks again!

Maybe we’ll never quit our horrified fascination with bad hacks. They’re just so enthralling stupid, with their misleading thumbnail images (see “Coca-Cola Hacks”), their bright colours, the feeling that their creators are space aliens recently introduced to human civilisation. Maybe we can’t ignore them. But we promise to hate them along with you.


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