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Video: We love to test hacks and report whether they’re good or bad. But some hacks aren’t worth anyone’s time. And yet these bizarre and stupid hacks are spreading on Facebook and YouTube, getting millions of views.


It’s the weekend! Time to wind down, watch some videos, and hide from the heat indoors. We’ve been watching a classic series of deadpan fake instructional videos, Infinite Solutions. These fakes were so good, they fooled Gizmodo back in 2007.


Ankle scarves! What a ridiculous trend! Twitter users are asking each other how something as dumb as “ankle scarves’ could be real. ” Well — and I’m afraid to reveal this, because so many real media outlets are falling for it — it’s not real. It’s an obvious joke.

Here’s how it got laundered into a “crazy trend” for everyone to laugh and be outraged at on social media.


Insane prices in the art market make art forgery a potentially high-profit business. So how do art buyers tell real undiscovered artworks from fakes? To analyse and identify forgeries, experts must apply their knowledge of art history, plus the science behind the materials and techniques of artists.

In the video below, forensic scientist Thiago Piwowarczyk and art historian Jeffrey Taylor show Wired how they identified a forgery of Jackson Pollack’s drip paintings (which are actually famously hard to forge).