The 3 Worst Types Of Hack

Video: We love to test hacks and report whether they’re good or bad. But some hacks aren’t worth anyone’s time. And yet these bizarre and stupid hacks are spreading on Facebook and YouTube, getting millions of views.

How To Spot A Fake Trend

Ankle scarves! What a ridiculous trend! Twitter users are asking each other how something as dumb as “ankle scarves’ could be real. ” Well — and I’m afraid to reveal this, because so many real media outlets are falling for it — it’s not real. It’s an obvious joke. Here’s…

Fact-Check That Viral Image In Two Clicks

Major news events such as Hurricane Harvey produce thousands of photos, and thousands more tweets and Facebook posts of fake, outdated or out-of-context photos. This time the big winner is a photoshop of a shark on the freeway which pops up during every major hurricane.