Parents, Put A Baby Gate Around Your Barbeque


To non-parents, a barbeque is a tool used for cooking up delicious burgers, sausages and other summer party staples to consume while drinking a beer and not questioning your life choices.

To parents of little kids, it is a death trap. Who put this blazing, unstable apparatus in the middle of the patio anyway?! And who stuck a water balloon up Ryan’s nose?!  

But we want you, dear mums and dads, to relax. That is why we bring you this hack: Put a baby gate around your barbeque. Or offer to bring one to the party you’re attending if you know there will be a lot of young kids running around.

The brilliant idea comes from Mark Hoyle, dad blogger at LadBaby and author of LadBaby – Parenting for £1, who tweeted this image:

The gate makes for a perfect barricade, protecting your kid and other tiny guests from the flames. Now go ahead and devour your grilled chicken wings or french toast in peace. You know, after you deal with the water balloon situation.


  • Better would be to put the gate far away from the barbecue and then lock all the babies and kids inside it. No burn hazard, and no annoying kids running around. Win-win.

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