How To Survive Office Christmas Parties As An Introvert [Infographic]

Ah, Christmas, the introvert’s nightmare. If being around all your workmates with copious amounts of alcohol and an expectation of friendly small talk makes your palms start to sweat, don’t worry, we got you. Often it can be important to network at these parties to improve your career outlook and make vital connections, but for some people it’s much more challenging than others.

Parties are the extravert’s playground: they’re in their element, and they’re ready to schmooze. Introverts, however, can have a terrible time of it, especially when introversion is compounded by a more serious form of social anxiety. Christmas is an especially bad time for it, when you may have not just your own office party but those of clients or partners.

Thankfully Simply Be has put together a handy survival guide for all introverts needing to survive a party or three these holidays. Here’s what you need to do before, during and after the party.


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