How To Watch Tommy Wiseau’s The Room For Free Online In 1080p

No one really knows the real story behind Tommy Wiseau (except, perhaps Greg Sestero), or what was going through Wiseau’s mind when he made The Room. While an objectively terrible film, it has gone on to develop a cult following, thanks to its “so bad it’s good” qualities. Now, Wiseau has uploaded the movie in its entirety to YouTube for reasons unknown.

The video, which is currently unlisted, popped up on Wiseau’s own channel yesterday. The description doesn’t provide much in the way of an explanation, other than “The Room Press Screener”… which I suppose is enough. There’s also link to buy tickets to US cinema screenings, but that’s not so useful for obvious reasons.

It’s not dodgy, either — you can watch it in glorious 1080p. No captions though, sorry. Otherwise, it looks like the real deal, so just enjoy it!

[YouTube, via Reddit]


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