Samsung Accidentally Leaks Its New Galaxy Watch And More

Image: Droidlife

Most companies like to announce their new products and then have them instantly available on their website after the big reveal. But Samsung likes to do things a little differently. The company has revealed their new Galaxy Watch, as well as a few other tidbits, by popping them onto their public-facing website overnight. Samsung had a full product page for the new smartwatch up and running although the the party-poopers have 404-ed that for now. So, what do we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch range.

Droidlife has been tracking things on the Samsung Galaxy Watch front for a while now and says they spotted an LTE-ready model in FCC filings a few days ago. But the cock-up on Samsung's site reveals a smaller, and presumably LTE-free, version will be coming as well. The leak was detailed enough to provide a model number for the 42mm Rose Gold watch, SM-R810NZDAXAR. That model number matches the FCC filings so we can be pretty confident this is the real deal.

Image: Droidlife

The new Galaxy Watch will have buttons and it looks a lot like the rotating bezel is back. These are a departure from previous rumours, which suggested a button-free design.

Along with the Galaxy Watch, Samsung let the world know about new wireless earbud tech, the Gear Icon X, and a wireless charging dock. Along with everything that we know about the Galaxy Note 9, it seems we'll be able to create a nice set of bingo cards to check off whether the leaks have been accurate at the next Samsung product launch.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be announced in a couple of weeks, on August 9.


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