Request Your Data From Over 100 Different Sites Using This Service

Request Your Data From Over 100 Different Sites Using This Service

Almost every service you use on the web that involves a username and password is in some ways collecting information about you. In some cases, that info might just be your email and a few identifying data points like your age or gender. In others, (*cough* Facebook) you’re handing over information about your likes and dislikes, who your friends are, and even where you go during the day.

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Google Knows Even More About You Than Facebook

Facebook knows way too much about all of us, but it’s not the only company hoarding everyone’s private data. Google knows just as much about us as Facebook (if not more), and that should trouble you, even if that data hasn’t been used as recklessly — at least, not that we know of.

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The site My Data Request has read through the privacy policies at over 100 different companies and offers a quick and easy way for you to figure out what data is being collected about you where and how you can download that data if you want to know specifically what information a particular company has.

Some of the companies included on the site are Facebook, Tinder, Uber, Twitter, YouTube, Evernote, Spotify and even Angry Birds.

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For many on the list, you probably have a decent idea of what info they might have about you. For others, that answer might be a bit more unclear.

To use the site you can search for a particular app or website you use, or browse through the options they display. When you click on one, a window will pop up with a quick link to the company’s Privacy Policy as well as a link you can click on to download your data from that company.

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It’s not going to prevent those companies from continuing to collect and store info on you, but it can be a quick and easy way to check in on what info you’re putting out there.

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