NBN Co Says Our Internet Isn’t Really Worse Than Kenya’s

NBN Co Says Our Internet Isn’t Really Worse Than Kenya’s

The Akamai State of the Internet Report recently revealed that Kenya is getting 12.2Mbps as an average fixed-broadband internet speed.

Australia, on the other hand, is getting 11.1Mbps. But NBN Chief Network Engineering Officer Peter Ryan reckons there is an explaination for all of this.

Ryan posted a blog last night – here’s the basic rundown of what he’s saying.

Does Kenya – a country with a GDP per capita of US$1,455 per year – compared to Australia’s US$49,900 – really have faster broadband than Australia?

The answer, to put it bluntly, is no – unless you happen to live in one of the 180,000 lucky, perhaps wealthier residencies receiving Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) or Hybrid-Fibre-Coaxial (HFC) services. For the other near 9 million Kenyan homes there is no fixed-line broadband.

Kenya has a total fixed-broadband penetration rate of just 1.75 per cent – so, to be quite clear, that means 98 per cent of Kenya’s households – that’s around 8.8 million premises – don’t even have a fixed-broadband connection. Australia has a total fixed-broadband penetration rate of around 90 per cent.

However, the Akamai figures don’t reflect this. What they reflect is the tiny number of fixed-broadband circuits coming out of Kenya with average speeds of 12.2Mbps – and that’s the number that gets reported, the 98 per cent of premises that don’t have a fixed-broadband connection simply don’t count.

Ryan goes on to say the way Akamai collates the figures doesn’t tell the whole story – that Australia’s number are “still really being driven by those legacy ADSL services that remain in the marketplace – not by NBN services”.

“We want Australians to know that – despite the kind of misrepresentative, opportunistic reporting that goes on, by the time we complete the rollout in 2020 we will have a network to be proud of.”

You can read the whole blog here.


  • I was around my brother-in-laws at the weekend who has recently got NBN, and not having it myself i wanted to see how good it was so i ran a speedtest which came back with very dissappointing results of 10.21Mbps download and 0.86Mbps upload… this was worse than my home ADSL2+ through iiNet!

    I than ran the speedtest using my Telstra 4g handset and got speeds of 75.22Mbps download and 28.10Mbps upload… By the time the NBN rollout is complete the mobile companies will have left them for dead!

    ps. get a combined 50gb a month download limit with Telstra so use that more often than not…

  • With a change of government, I hope most of the NBN executive lose their jobs.
    Making excuses for a politically driven policies as opposed to a technically driven policy is pathetic.
    They should have managed upwards and challenged the direction of government instead of wasting our money.
    NBN truly live in a ‘reality distortion bubble’ and think they are doing a great job. The majority of the nation disagrees, clearly.

  • Sure, it is not worse, and he is correct (i’m from Kenya). However, what Ryan really needs to tackle is the fact that Australians don’t think the network is up to scratch for Australia. Maybe spend some time improving the network instead.

  • Australia’s number[s] are “still really being driven by those legacy ADSL services that remain in the marketplace – not by NBN services”Hey, Ryan. Zak here. Sorry my legacy 4 Mbps ADSL service is skewing your numbers/bragging rights, but right now it’s the best service available to me. I’ll be sure to do something about it in 2020, when my suburb is supposedly getting conected to the NBN. Hit me up again then and we can chat about what my numbers are doing.

  • Loving the 100+ Mbps Down & 50 Mbps Up speeds on my Telstra 4GX Broadband connection. NBN is a friggin joke and went down to 5-6 Mbps in my old place

  • Meanwhile I’m sitting in Brisbane, one of the major Australian city, 5 minutes from one of the biggest shopping center, getting 6mb/s down and 0.4mb/s up…

  • joke nbn doesnt tell you is after 2/3 yrs you need a new frickin battery when the one your using free of charge dies on your ass..pfft gov is spending billions on rubbish like spying on the public and facial recog doodles yet can even get past 100mbps internet speed..stop worrying about the country and focus on cities, nbn screwing the providers who are inturn screwing the customer..works both ways

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