Dealhacker: Get Google Home For $134.90

Dealhacker: Get Google Home For $134.90

“Okay, Google. Find me the best price for Google Home.”

Google Home, the voice-controlled smart speaker/personal assistant/smart hub for your home, usually retails at $199. Right now, you can get it for $134.90 from DWIdigitalcameras.

Google Home is a cute little speaker which includes the Google Assistant software, allowing you to tell it what to do with your voice. You can ask it to play music, turn your WiFi-enabled lights on and off, schedule tasks and get it to answer any burning questions you may have. The future is here (sort of). Importantly, Google plans to add more functionality as time goes on so things can only get better!

Right now, you can get one for $134.90, with free delivery, from DWIdigitalcameras as they celebrate the launch of their new website. However, take note that this is the US version and that it comes with a one-year warranty, through DWI. However, do be aware that this will come with a US power plug, but you don’t need to buy an adapter because DWI will ship one with the product.

The deal ends at midnight on Thursday, August 24.

“Okay, Google. End this post.”



  • I used this for a few days and the novelty wears of pretty quickly. It does nothing new that your phone can also do.

    • Except play music at a decent depth, cast tv shows to either of my two tv’s, turm said tv’s off an on and select channels, and all without lifting a finger. Once I get my wifi lights it will even handle those. And that’s not including the fact it works seamlessly with four different google users in the house.

      • All true! I’ve got a couple of smart controllers too – one for a heater and one for a lamp. So I can talk to Google and control these, as well as tie in with IFTTT to turn on the lounge lights when I pull on the drive.

        Being able to play music through a half-decent speaker and to stream Netflix to the lounge, office or bedroom TV without lifting a finger hasn’t got boring to me yet 😀

  • “Okay, Google. Find me the best price for Google Home.”
    “Sorry, I didn’t understand that”

  • Don’t do it. This company – DWIdigitalcameras – is a disaster to deal with. I bought a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones that I did not think were good. DWIdigitalcameras have a $50 return policy, but only after you have mailed the item to China to be checked under warranty, even though you just want to return them. Also, if you receive a faulty product, they require you to also send it back to China and they decide whether the product is OK. If they determine it is OK, they charge $100 to send it back to you, plus postage. You don’t get to determine whether the product is suitable for purpose.

    In the end, I got my money back minus $50, but only after weeks of screwing around. If I’d bought the item from JB Hi-Fi, or any other retailer that isn’t just an importer, I would have received an immediate refund or exchange for a different product.

    Pay the extra to get Google Home from a store that has a return policy that meets Australian Consumer standards. You’ll lose out in the end buying from DWIdigitalcameras.

    • Appreciate that recap – I’ve been tempted by them before and eventually decided not to as it seemed a little spurious.

    • I’ve bought stuff from them and they seemed OK.
      That said, I’d question the logic of buying something you’re unsure of from any overseas (and hence maybe not covered by Australian laws) retailer.

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