How To Start Using Cloud Computing To Give Your Business A Competitive Edge

According to a recent Microsoft survey of Australian business leaders,
40% of companies are using or planning to use hybrid cloud solutions — set to rise a further 49% within the next 12 to 18 months. The most common roadblocks to cloud adoption: security concerns and staffing resources. That’s where it pays to find the right independent tech partner. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Microsoft:

“The study showed that respondents are not likely to increase their investments in private or public only cloud solutions, reinforcing the demand for a more integrated, hybrid approach”

In the past, security has been the predominant concern when it comes to cloud adoption. But the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report reveals that lack of resources are on par, with both cited by 25% of respondents as a major concern.

This is where colocation and data experts like NEXTDC come in. Specialising in data centre outsourcing solutions, connectivity services and infrastructure management software, NEXTDC is an industry leader in Australia — offering secure, flexible access to a huge range of cloud platforms. It also focus on sustainability and renewable energy.

NEXTDC operates Australia’s largest independent network of carriers and IT and cloud service providers. This allows their clients to build integrated hybrid cloud solutions from their network of supplies and customers.

NEXTDC CEO, Craig Scroggie explains how this works:

“We developed the AXON virtual exchange, an advanced elastic fabric that allows an on demand connectivity service where businesses can build their own networks, connecting privately and securely from their offices to their clouds.

In addition to convenience, the services that NEXTDC offer can make a significant positive impact on the experience of your customers. When cloud transformation projects are being implemented, the network can sometimes be forgotten, which can have a disastrous trickle down effect.

NEXTDC can help implement legacy-to-public cloud connectivity and reduce the restraints that can sometimes be felt off the back of third party providers and shift capex to opex.

Large businesses in particular can benefit from NEXTDC’s product offerings — particularly if they have different departments through Australia or the rest of the world.

One case study example is Sun Rice. As an international business with several joint ventures, the team is dispersed throughout the country. Different departments require their own systems and international subsidiaries need to be able to connect in.

When deciding on what their strategy would be around moving to the hybrid cloud system, they wanted to prioritise easy of use. Something that they didn’t have to worry about, particularly as they continued to expand. There’s been no down time, even when they have been asked to take on large projects.

In the past, possibility of execution with a quick turn around would have been questionable, whereas with NEXTDC they know it will get taken care of. And it’s paid off for them. After all, it’s important to remember the financial impact when it comes to implementing hybrid cloud solutions.

The most recent RightScale State of the Cloud survey also revealed that businesses waste between 30% and 45% of cloud spend — and that users often underestimate this. This has led to increased concerned around optimisation and spend for organisations.

AXON’s flexible connectivity allows companies to test the waters with new providers or solutions — with the added benefit of avoiding long term contracts and substantial infrastructure investment. You’ll have an abundance of choices at your fingertips.

This is particularly handy if you want to test a new cloud provider without having to make any major commitments that will make upper management nervous and resort to the same system you’ve always used.

This kind of on-demand connectivity allows substantial agility and flexibility that just isn’t possible on long term contracts. This is also becoming increasingly necessary in modern businesses that move fast.

This is particularly relevant when one-off projects or upgrades require large scale storage and rapid data movement. A permanent upgrade to your cloud storage solution is a waste of money when you’re going to need to scale back when everything is back to business-as-usual.

It also means that you have capacity to be reactive if a surprise project or opportunity presents itself. With NEXTDC you can even utilise remote management tools in order to stay ahead of the game.

You can find more information on how NEXTDC can help transform your business here and below.

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