Do Zero Calorie Sweeteners Actually Have Zero Calories?

Do Zero Calorie Sweeteners Actually Have Zero Calories?

As someone guilty of the occasional “zero calorie” drink, I’ve often been super confused by this. How can drinks be sweetened without adding calories? This video breaks down the science.

The video above – created by a terrifyingly precocious kid of all people – does a really good job of explaining some of the bullshit surrounding zero calorie sweeteners. It’s scary stuff.

Turns out most sweeteners actually do contain calories. A fair amount of them actually, but a loophole allows them to present as zero calorie. Utterly bizarre.

Well worth watching.


  • I guess at the end of the day 4 Calories really isn’t anything significant. Also I’d much rather glucose than fructose any day since your body actually uses glucose. Yes, I know it says fructose metabolises into glucose but from what I’ve read apparently not all of it does.

    It would definitely be more interesting to see how coke and the likes affect our body with the sweetener aspartame or if it’s the same thing here. I don’t know but I’d like to know.

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