Mathpix: Translate Complex Mathematical Equations With Your Phone's Camera

Image: Mathpix

Equations may as well be a different language, considering how cryptic they can look to the untrained eye. Fortunately, just like the various apps that can use your camera to live-translate, say, Spanish or German, so too does a handy mobile tool exist for mathematics.

It's called Mathpix and it's available free for both iOS and Android.

The app's main purpose is to format handwritten equations into typed, printable form. However, once the equation is recognised and loaded, the app can also break it down into its component parts, making it easier to understand.

As with all camera-based "translation" apps, the results will be hit and miss, depending on the quality of your camera... and your handwriting.

Also, if you're a bit of a coder, there's an API available so you can do your own translations. All you need is an API key, which you can request directly.

MathPix [Official site | App Store | Google Play]


    Best app for mathematics!!

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