Yowie Chocolates Are Returning To Australia!

It’s finally happening. The company behind Yowie chocolates is bringing the beloved treat back to our shores for a whole new generation of school kids to fall in love with. No. Stuff that – they’re all mine! Here’s everything we know so far.

For those whose memories and/or taste buds don’t extend back to the ’90s, Yowies were an antipodean version of the Kinder Surprise Egg. They boasted slightly worse chocolate but infinitely better toys and kids went nuts for them in the mid-1990s.

Originally manufactured by Cadbury, the brand disappeared from shelves in the early 2000s following a dispute with new owners Yowie Group. It was a sad time to be a Yowie fan.

Long extinct in Australia and New Zealand, the Yowie is finally making a comeback via distribution partner Universal Candy, reports myGC. Apparently, Yowies should be landing on Aussie and Kiwi shop shelves by the end of the month. Hurrah!

“Australia was a logical choice to begin our expansion outside of the US because of strong residual brand awareness and affinity for the product,” the parent company said in a statement.

Sounds great right? There is, however, one small catch: the US version of Yowie is considerably different to the original.

Due to US food safety laws, the toy cannot be legally placed inside hollow chocolate. (Lifehacker’s Hayley Williams once explained all about it on a Static podcast.) The ingredients are also a bit different (read: cheaper) to the Cadbury original.

So it’s not quite the Yowie you knew and loved – but we’re willing to overlook this if the toys are still cool. Fingers crossed, eh?

[Via mygc.com.au]

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