BREAKING: Sydney Power Outage Caused By Freak Heatwave

When will Sydney power be restored?Image: Bureau of Meterology

On the afternoon of one of the hottest days this year so far, Sydney's inner west has just gone dark. 11,000 homes are without electricity, andlo salvation isn't expected until later tonight. It's not a planned outage caused by excess load, though — the problem is with the local network in the area.

When will Sydney's electricity be restored?

Ausgrid says power won't be restored in the Inner West until around 9PM tonight, around four hours after the fault was officially recorded at 4:40PM. The issue has cut power to around 11,000 homes around Concord, Strathfield, Burwood, Concord West, North Strathfield, Strathfield South, Enfield, Rookwood, Lidcombe and Chullora.

The power outage wasn't implemented on purpose by AusGrid to help deal with currently phenomenally high power usage levels across the state as Sydneysiders get home from work and switch on their air conditioning; it's apparently a fault with local power distribution hardware.

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    Heatwave may be the cause, but only in Sydney.

    Elsewhere is "an over-reliance on renewable energy" or "the carbon tax" or anything that can help effective government.

    Has to be those pesky renewables in SA at fault. How dare they, causing Sydney to black out as well.

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