This Mod Transforms Your iPhone 5s Chassis Into An iPhone 7 ‘Mini’

This Mod Transforms Your iPhone 5s Chassis Into An iPhone 7 ‘Mini’
Image: igenno / Reddit

First things first, no, this won’t magically upgrade your phone’s hardware. It’ll still be an iPhone 5s on the inside. As for the outside? You’ll get something very unique — a mobile reminiscent of a miniature version of Apple’s iPhone 7. All you need is a piece of aluminium from AliExpress, a screwdriver and some time.

For whatever reason — style points, curiosity, a burning need to potentially destroy their smartphone — a Reddit user by the name of “igenno” decided to visually upgrade his iPhone 5s into a “mini” iPhone 7. At least, that’s how he describes it.

igenno couldn’t wait for Apple to make a curved aluminium version of the iPhone SE (or whatever its equivalent will be called), so he decided to make his own:

Recently I faced with an interesting piece of aluminum on AliExpress and felt like “I definitely should give it a try”. Rounded corners are sexy. So, three screwdrivers, three hours of time and here it is.

I can’t say it doesn’t have some appeal, especially if you prefer curves over the sharpness of the iPhone 5 / 5s. The mod however comes with a major downside:

The antenna reception is 15-20% worse. That is the issue.

An issue? I’d say that’s a deal breaker for most. Still, if you prefer form over function, then perhaps this mod is for you. If you want more details, hit up igenno’s Reddit post below.

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