Match And Replace Skirting Boards In Your House With Help From A Profile Jig

Damaged skirting boards along the floors and ceilings of your home need replacing, but some skirting boards are very ornate, especially if the house is old. Here’s how to use a simple tool to capture the profile of a skirting board so you can replace it.

In this video from the This Old House YouTube channel, contractor Tom Silva shows host Kevin O’Connor how to use a profile jig, or a contour gauge duplicator as some may know it, to easily capture the shape of fancy skirting boards. All you have to do is push the flat set of pins into the skirting board and pull it away. Then you can trace the skirting board’s pattern on a piece of paper that you can take to a carpenter or housing contractor for them to replicate.

You can also take in an actual piece of the skirting board, but this method is simple and prevents any further damage to your skirting boards. And the tool itself usually costs less than $20. Of course, if your skirting board is only damaged a little, it’s not too hard to repair it yourself with an all-purpose joint compound.

How to Match Historic Moulding [YouTube]

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