Use A Pet Fence To Keep Your Christmas Presents Safe From The Animals

Use A Pet Fence To Keep Your Christmas Presents Safe From The Animals

If you have a small animal, they can destroy a fine array of brightly coloured boxes under a tree before you even notice. To keep your setup (and your Christmas) safe, use a pet fence to keep the small ones out.

Photo by Ellie Collins.

Pet fences are usually designed to keep small animals in, but if you have a fence that can keep animals in, then it can also keep animals out. For some animals like rabbits or tiny dogs, a pet fence can be enough to keep them out entirely. For larger animals, cats or toddlers, the fence can at least serve as a deterrent. Worst case, you might hear the sound of a fence crashing before the little beast has a chance to ruin the surprise of Ralphie’s new BB gun. Your mileage may vary depending on the pets you have, but if you already own a pet fence because it can contain your pets, then it’s a safe bet that it can protect your tree.

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