The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Goes On Sale Again Today In Australia

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Goes On Sale Again Today In Australia
Image: Catch of the Day

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES is the hottest gadget of the summer and arguably the whole year. Unfortunately, stock has been almost non-existent in Australia, leading to thousands of disappointed, empty-handed Ninty fans. If you missed out on the EB Games sales and are determined to snap one up for Christmas, your best chance is during today’s Black Friday sale. Here are the details.

Update: This deal is no longer available. As predicted, it sold out almost immediately. Still want a Nintendo Classic Mini NES before Christmas? Click here for some additional tips.

Where can I buy the Nintendo Classic Mini NES?

Catch of the Day will be taking pre-orders on the Mini NES as part of its Black Friday sale. As you can see in the above photo, the price is the standard $99.99. Normally this would be a rubbish Black Friday deal, but the Mini NES is incredibly hard to find and Catch of the Day knows it. Here is the link.

What time does the Nintendo Classic Mini NES sale start?

You can get the Nintendo Classic Mini NES from 4:00pm tomorrow (AEST). This is a Catch Club exclusive deal, which means you’ll need to sign up for a Catch Club membership before the sale starts. (Note: This involves inputing your CC details and registering for a 30-day free trial – be sure to cancel before the trial ends if you’re not interested in future Catch Club promotions.) To join Catch Club, click here and follow the prompts.

What are my chances of actually getting one?

Honestly? It’s a long shot. Daily deal sites are notorious for having limited stock and the Nintendo Classic Mini NES is already rarer than hen’s teeth. We wouldn’t be surprised if Catch of the Day has fewer than one hundred units in total. Regardless, you can expect all stock to sell out in seconds. Consider this a roll of the dice and set your expectations accordingly!

If you miss out (which is likely), there are still a few ways to get the Nintendo Classic Mini NES before Christmas. According to Kotaku, Target is expecting another (doubtlessly small) shipment sometime in “early December”. Keep ’em bookmarked.

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[Via Kotaku]


  • FUCK – Already sold out, just checked catchoftheday

    🙁 where else can we purchase them currently in Australia?

    Im injured at home and would love to kill time

  • This sale was bullshit! I was waiting online ready for it as soon as they went on sale i hit add to cart went to pay and all of a sudden it was taken from my cart all this happend b4 4.01 what a load of shit!

    • same here. sold out at 4pm. which is when the sale is advertised as starting. at least EB Games gave me an hour of refreshing excitement

      im so glad i signed up for DA CATCH CLUB LULZ

  • A crock of shit, orchestrated to get as many mug punters to sign up to their club catch as they can, knowing full well a number of those will forget to cancel during the trial period, and they will make some easy money. I call bullshit.

  • The NES Classic Edition is sold out everywhere but WE GOT THE LAST ONE! (Well, the last one listed one eBay before the insane price spike) Nintendo should have more in stock for the Holiday season.

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