Lookout Mobile Will Notify You When A Company Gets Hacked, Spot Malicious Sites

Lookout Mobile Will Notify You When A Company Gets Hacked, Spot Malicious Sites

Android/iOS: Lookout Mobile is an excellent app for keeping your phone safe. Now, subscribers can get warnings when a service they use gets hacked, and warnings when they visit malicious sites.

Breach Report is one of the most useful new features. This will send your phone a notification when a service you use suffers a hack. For example, when it was revealed that 500 million Yahoo! accounts were hacked, you probably heard about it from sites like ours. Now, Lookout Premium users will get a notification on their phones (of course we’ll always keep everyone notified our site, too). Lookout Premium costs $US2.99 ($4) per month or $US29.99 ($40) per year for Android users.

For users of Lookout’s Premium Plus service ($US9.99 [$13] per month or $US99.99 [$133] per year), the company is also rolling out new identity theft-spotting features. Now, Lookout Mobile will notify you when you when you’re on malicious websites. If your information is stolen in a hack, Lookout Premium Plus includes insurance that can cover you for up to $US1 million ($1.3 million) in damages and legal fees.

Lookout Expands Personal Security Offering with Launch of Breach Report and Identity Protection [PR Newswire]


  • Well, that’s an awesome new feature… But how will the report benefit you? I mean when the data has already been hacked then what could you do reading the news lol… Anyways, you can just read it and do the immediate safety precautions for yourself if you are not among those victims who have been hacked (makes a sense to me).

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