HP Releases Smallest Inkjet All-In-One Printer for $79

HP Releases Smallest Inkjet All-In-One Printer for $79

HP has launched the DeskJet 3700 Inkjet printer. The vendor claims the 3700 is the world’s smallest inkjet all-in-one printer and it will set you back $79. Here’s what you need to know. [related title=”More Stories on HP” tag=”HP” items=”3″] The HP DeskJet 3700 printer’s dimensions are 42.5cm x 17.78cm x 13.7m (W x D x H) and, according to the vendor, it’s “designed for digital natives who want to print from Facebook, Instagram and more”. Through the HP Social Media Snapshots app, users can print images from their social media accounts and their phone’s camera roll through the DeskJet 3700 wirelessly.

Users can also print, copy and scan documents wirelessly through the HP All-in-One Remote mobile app which is compatible with most Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices. With Wi-Fi Direct, users can immediately begin printing from their mobile devices and access their printer without a network.

The HP DeskJet 3700 comes in the colours Electric Blue, Sea Grass Green and Cardinal Red.

HP was recently embroiled in a controversy regarding its OfficeJet printers after the company admitted that it had released a firmware update that blocked some of its inkjet printers from using third-party replacement cartridges.


  • And the cartridges will no doubt cost more than the printer every time you empty them. I have a brother monochrome laser printer and I’ve had to refill it once in the two or three years since I bought it. I may have had use for a colour printer on a couple of occasions, but given the thousands of times I only needed Black I think the benefits far outway the need for colour many fold.

  • At this point does it even matter? Who cares about the worlds smallest printer if the ink is more expensive than gold (and probably some other things that make gold look cheap)?

    Make the original ink actually affordable.. say 10x more per refill, with it remaining usable even if you only print 5 times per year…. who cares about a printer you could only afford to use if it could print high quality counterfeit money.

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