Dealhacker: Vodafone’s SIM-Only Plans Now Give You A Ton Of Data

Dealhacker: Vodafone’s SIM-Only Plans Now Give You A Ton Of Data

This month, Vodafone is doing a special offer on its SIM card only plans which gives you unlimited standard national calls and texts along with a generous amount of data. The lowest plan starts at $40 per month and gives you 10GB of data. This is a limited time offer. Here are the details.

The Vodafone plans leverage two different bonus data offers that the telco is running and each of them gives you 2GB bonus data, for a total of 4GB, on SIM only plans signed on a 12-month contract.

One offer ends on November 1 and the other finishes up on December 27, so if you sign up before November 1, you’ll get the full 4GB bonus data for the duration of your plan.

Here’s the full list of Vodafone Red SIM only plans that are eligible for the 4GB bonus offer:


  • I’m always confused by these ‘bonus data’ deals, do you get 10GB on that $40 plan PER month for ALL 12 months that you’re on the plan for? Or is it, 10GB till Nov 1, then 8GB till Dec 27 and 6GB from Jan-October 2017?

    • In the T’s & C’s once you follow the link:
      Bonus data is available as long as you remain connected and forfeited if you cancel.

  • I’m on a similar plan, and the good thing is you can buy a $20 (or $10 if you ask really nicely) sim only plan as an add-on and share the data.

    I’m on a $40/month (10gb/month) for my main phone and an add-on sim in my 2nd phone for $10/month (2gb/month). Total of 14gb/month for $50. I don’t come close to using all that data on my main phone. The 2nd phone stays in my car for android auto (internet radio and google maps). If I need to I can use the 2nd sim in my iPad if I plan on using that a lot.

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