Beyond Money, What’s The One Thing You Need Most At A New Job?


There’s a lot more to finding the right job than just a high salary, although everyone likes a nice paycheck. Besides money, what is your number one thing you look for when deciding whether to accept a job offer?

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Maybe you need a flexible schedule to take care of your kids or a sick relative. Or maybe room to grow and be promoted is key. Company or team culture fit might be a dealbreaker for you. Share what your top concerns are when considering a new job, and why those concerns are important to you.

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  • The easy answer is Challenge, but for me, it has to be Enjoyment. I need to enjoy the job, or I will end up do a half arsed job.

    In fact, being something I enjoy doing is more important to me than money. Enjoy the job, you do a good job. Do a good job, the money takes care of itself. Obviously you dont want to be starting at $30k, but if you can pull $70k in a job you enjoy, its better than $90k in a job you dont.

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