Dropped And Broke Your Samsung Galaxy Note7? You're Still Entitled To A Free Replacement

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Every dog has his day — even the clumsy ones. Samsung is currently replacing and refunding all Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia due to a dangerous battery fault. Now this is the bit that concerns the aforementioned clumsy types — you are entitled to a remedy from Samsung even if you broke your phone in some other way. Smashed display? No problem. Busted USB port? S'all good. In short, you can score a replacement or refund regardless of the state your phone is in. Hurrah!

Usually, any phone injury that is deemed to be the fault of the user is not covered under consumer warranty. There are exceptions, but by and large, if you drop your phone and crack the screen, it's considered tough luck.

But there's some good news for butter-fingered Galaxy Note7 owners — the global safety recall is providing a rare opportunity to have your phone replaced or refunded; no questions asked. If you recently busted your Samsung Galaxy Note7 through you're own stupidity, don't toss it away.

Instead, head to Samsung's Note7 recall page and fill out the online form. You can also nominate whether you want a replacement or a refund and you don't have to provide any specifics about the condition of your device. Like we said, it's your lucky day.

Samsung has also confirmed that customers who received a free 256G SD card as a part of the pre-sales order get to keep the accessory. We imagine an unscrupulous person might remove the SD card from the device and then claim they didn't to score a "replacement". This is called fraud and you shouldn't do it.


    News today suggests one exploded and caught fire in a Perth hotel overnight.

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