Briefly: Cyber Donald Trump, Banned Bikini Streamer, Good Guy Game Dev

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Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Donald Trump knows how to cyber, banned Twitch streamer finds fame on YouTube, nice game developer leaves polite thank you note to pirates.

  • The US presidential debate happened today with Trump and Clinton facing off against each other. Here's a snippet of what Trump said about cyber security concerns facing the US. It's worth a read. [Gizmodo Australia]
  • After a Call Of Duty streamer with a penchant for wearing bikinis while she plays was banned from Twitch for the fourth time, she is now blowing up YouTube. Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez wrote up a detailed article on the situation that provides some interesting insights. [Kotaku Australia]
  • A game developer found out where pirates were downloading its game… and leaves a thank you note. [Kotaku Australia]
  • Australian house prices have been all over the place recently, and HSBC thinks it knows why. [Business Insider Australia]
  • 14 woes of styling Asian hair. Oh, I can definitely relate. [POPSUGAR Australia]


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