The No Man’s Sky Triple Monitor Workspace

The No Man’s Sky Triple Monitor Workspace

Locke’s workspace isn’t designer, or super fancy, it looks like a home office any of us would be happy to call our own. But he does have three displays with a No Man’s Sky wallpaper across them, a comfy chair, a mini-fridge, and space to play his guitar and get creative. That’s why we like it.

The photo above is a wide shot of the whole setup, and you can see that mini-wine fridge (which I’m not sure if it’s for wine or other drinks too) at the bottom right, an additional chair and some desk space for guests right next to him and even more seating on the table to the left of his chair.

I particularly like the backlighting behind his monitors and how it extends under his desk (an area all too often poorly lit) so he can see the guitar pedal down there. You can check out a shot of the lighting and his cable management over at his Flickr page, linked below.

Here’s a closer shot of the desk surface, and that really slick (but now discontinued) Steelseries Merc Stealth Keyboard:

The No Man’s Sky Triple Monitor Workspace

I also imagine that many of you either love or hate the fact that the displays are mounted the way they are (or that the wallpaper isn’t a clean stretch across all of them, and I can understand that.) Also, as someone who used to keep a fan on his desk because the office I worked in was hot as hell, I appreciate the presence of that Vornado Flippi.

Beyond that I dig the mouse cable wrangler there that keeps the mouse cable from getting tangled on other things or too much slack in the way on the desk surface.

Here’s a shot of his desktop, wireless controller and that guitar pedal, by the way:

The No Man’s Sky Triple Monitor Workspace

He has a few other photos at the Flickr link below, so if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own little corner home office, check it out. He says he’s moving soon, so maybe we’ll see an updated version in a little bit, but for now, this is pretty nice.

Locke Hart [Flickr]

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