Rio Olympics 2016: The Full Events Schedule

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games kicks off tomorrow. Naturally, many of the Olympic sports you want to watch live will be airing when you’re at work. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action though. Preparation is key here. We have put together the full schedule of the 2016 Rio Olympics that will be broadcasted on Channel 7 and methods you can use to sneakily stream the events at work. We’ve also included specific broadcast times for the sporting events Australia loves most.

Watching 2016 Rio Olympics At Work

We’ve already gone through the number of different options you have to watch the Olympics here.

Besides broadcasting the events on free-to-air TV, Channel 7 is also streaming content through its dedicated Olympics website and mobile app (for iOS and Android)

If you’re lucky enough to have a TV in your office common area and you use a laptop, you might be able to get away with sitting in front of the screen while you work. Chances are, a handful of co-workers will also have the same idea; safety in number, natch.

If your workplace is strict about this kind of thing, streaming it on your computer is your best bet. When somebody walk past your desk, there are a few ways you can hide your browser in a flash, which you can find in one of our previous articles.

Those of you who are working out in the field, the mobile app is your best bet, just be careful not to go past your data cap. Streaming is a data intensive activity and you don’t want to be paying through the nose for excess data charges.

2016 Rio Olympics Full Schedule

Here’s a list of all the events and the dates they will be running. We’ve broken out the popular events in another table. Bear in mind the schedule is subject to change.

Sport Dates
Archery August 6th – 12th
Athletics August 14th and 12th
Athletics – Marathon August 6th – 12th
Athletics – Race Walk August 12th – 19th
Badminton August 11th – 20th
Basketball August 6th – 21st
Beach Volleyball August 6th – 18th
Boxing August 6th – 21st
Canoe Slalom August 7th – 11th
Canoe Sprint August 15th – 20th
Cycling – BMX August 17th – 19th
Cycling – Mountain Bike August 20th – 21st
Cycling – Road Race August 6th – 7th
Cycling – Road Time Trial August 10th
Cycling – Track August 11th – 16th
Diving August 7th – 20th
Equestrian – Dressage August 10th – 12th
Equestrian – Eventing August 6th – 9th
Equestrian – Jumping August 14th, 16th, 17 and 19th
Fencing August 6th – 14th
Football TBA
Football TBA
Football TBA
Football TBA
Football TBA
Football TBA
Football TBA
Golf August 11th – 14th and 17th – 20th
Gymnastics – Artistic August 6th – 11th and 14th – 16th
Gymnastics – Rhythmic August 19th – 21st
Gymnastics – Trampoline August 12th – 13th
Handball August 6th – 21th
Hockey August 6th – 19th
Judo August 6th – 12th
Marathon Swimming August 14th – 15th
Modern Pentathlon August 18th – 20th
Rowing August 6th – 13th
Rugby August 6th – 10th
Sailing August 8th – 18th
Shooting August 6th – 14th
Swimming August 6th – 13th
Synchronised Swimming August 14th – 16th and 18th to 19th
Table Tennis August 6th – 17th
Taekwondo August 17th – 19th
Tennis August 6th – 14th
Triathlon August 18th and 20th
Volleyball August 6th – 21st
Water Polo August 6th – 20th
Weightlifting August 6th – 10th and 12th – 16th
Wrestling – Freestyle August 17th – 21st
Wrestling – Greco-Roman August 14th – 16th

Here are some specific dates and times for popular Olympic sporting events. (Diving fans will have to get up pretty early.)

Popular Events

Sport Category Dates And Times
Swimming Men’s 100m freestyle final August 11th at 12:03pm
Swimming Women’s 100m freestyle final August 12th at 12:18pm
Swimming Men’s 4×100 medley final August 14th at 12:04pm
Swimming Women’s 4×100 medley final August 14th at 11:49am
Diving Men’s synchronised 10m platform final August 9th at 5:00am
Diving Women’s synchronised 10m platform final August 10th at 5:00am
Diving Men’s 10m platform final August 21st at 5:30am
Diving Women’s 10m platform final August 19th at 5:00am
Basketball (Men’s Group A) Australia v USA (prelims) August 11th at 8:00am
Basketball (Men’s) Gold Medal Final August 22nd at 4:45am
Basketball (Women’s Group A) Australia v Brazil (prelims) August 7th at 6:30am
Basketball (Women’s) Gold Medal Final August 21st at 12:30am
Gymnastics Men’s individual all-round final August 11th at 5:00am
Gymnastics Women’s individual all-round final August 12th at 5:00am
Hockey (Men’s Group A) Australia v New Zealand (prelims) August 7th at 2:30am
Hockey (Men’s) Gold Medal Final August 19th at 6:00am
Hockey (Women’s Group B) Australia v Great Britain (prelims) August 7th at 9:30am
Hockey (Women’s) Gold Medal Final August 20th at 1:00am
Football/Soccer (Men’s) Gold Medal Final August 21st at 6:30am
Football/Soccer (Women’s) Gold Medal Final August 20th at 6:30am
Weightlifting (Men’s) Over 105kg final August 17st at 8:00am
Weightlifting (Women’s) Over 75kg final August 15th at 8:00am
Athletics Men’s 100m (prelims with Usain Bolt) August 13th at 10:30am
Athletics Men’s 200m (prelims with Usain Bolt) August 17th at 12:50am
Athletics Men’s 4x100m relay (prelims with Usain Bolt) August 19th at 12:40am

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