Don’t Let Negative Opinions Drag You And Your Business Down

Running a small business or startup isn’t easy and there will be times when you are confronted with a vocal and disgruntled customer or receive criticism about your offerings. It can be a disheartening experience, but don’t let those negative opinions consume you.

Murray Hurps is an entrepreneur who launched his first startup at the tender age of 16. Now in his 30s, he has spent many years running different companies and supporting the startup community. He is currently the CEO of Fishburners, Australia’s largest startup hub.

In an AMA session run by Blackbird VC, Hurps was asked what was the best advice he received throughout his career. Here’s his response:

“The more people you reach, the more chance you have of dealing with idiots, and those are the only one’s you’ll remember. I used to lose sleep after reading reviews, and would ignore a thousand positive reviews to fixate on a few unhappy people.
“Just expect this to happen, and remember the ratio of happy customers rather than the hurtful few.”

Receiving criticism can be helpful for personal development but it all depends on who is dishing it out. You should take feedback from genuine critics on-board and ignore the comments made by ‘haters’. Here’s more on this topic.

You can read Hurps’ full AMA session over at The Sunrise.

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