Where To Find The Best Pokemon In Each Australian Capital On Pokemon GO

Where To Find The Best Pokemon In Each Australian Capital On Pokemon GO

To be a real Pokemon Master you need to collect as many breeds of Pokemon as possible. To achieve this on Pokemon GO, you will need to do a bit of legwork to find them all. There isn’t exactly an official map that tells you where each type of Pokemon is lurking but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together a list of the most sought after Pokemon and their likely locations in each capital city. Here are the details.

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The distribution of Pokemon differs from region to region; what’s rare in Sydney may be plentiful in Melbourne. Comparison website Finder.com.au has crowdsourced a list of Pokemon locations to help GO players seek out ones they have yet to capture. Bear in mind the list shows where these Pokemon are likely to appear. Occasionally, you’ll find a rare one that will appear out of nowhere.

We’ve picked out 10 iconic and popular Pokemon from the Finder list and compiled their location information for each capital city into the handy table below. If it’s unlisted, chances are there isn’t a concentration of that particular type of Pokemon in that capital city just yet.

Sidenote: I wonder if Pokemon GO will eventually spur more interstate travel by Pokemon GO fanatics (I’m trademarking the term “Pokemon Pilgrimage) If so, Canberra would see an influx of tourists. The Australian capital seems to be teeming with rare Pokemon.

Pokemon Name Confirmed Locations
  • Sydney: Star Casino (near the roundabout), Brighton Le Sands
  • Melbourne: Melbourne central, Kew East
  • Brisbane: Lake Eden (North Lakes)/ Westlake
  • Adelaide: Port Noarlunga South, Seaford EsplanadeLargs Bay, along the Torrens near South Rd, West Lakes Mall CBD
  • Perth: Western Power Plant
  • Canberra: Aldi (City) , Weston Creek Post Shop, Learmonth Drive (Kambah), Club Lime in Tuggeranong, Lyneham Wetlands, Mawson Oval, Australian War Memorial
  • Hobart: Long Beach near the far end of Kingston beach
  • Darwin: Esplanade (uncommon), Tivendale, Bayview, East Point
  • Sydney: (Unlisted, but I’ve had a friend who found one in Rhodes)
  • Melbourne: Doncaster Westfield
  • Brisbane: Holland Park
  • Adelaide: (Unlisted)
  • Perth: (Unlisted)
  • Canberra: Fadden (Holy Family Primary School), Botanical Gardens, Birds Exhibit @ Zoo, Deakin, Mt Ainslie, Telstra Tower
  • Hobart: South Chigwell
  • Darwin: (Unlisted but confirmed that it can hatch from a 10km egg)
  • Sydney: (Unlisted)
  • Melbourne: North of Macleod Station
  • Brisbane: Maze
  • Adelaide: Seaford Meadows
  • Perth: Piney Lake Reserve, Winthrop
  • Canberra: Yowani golf club, Lyneham, Behind Woden Police Station
  • Hobart: MONA Entrance
  • Darwin: Esplanade (rare)
  • Sydney: Cabramatta West
  • Melbourne: Crown
  • Brisbane: (Unlisted)
  • Adelaide: (Unlisted)
  • Perth: (Unlisted)
  • Canberra: Spotted in Murrumbateman (rare spawn), rare spawn at night in bonner
  • Hobart: (Unlisted)
  • Darwin: (Unlisted but confirmed that it can hatch from a 10km egg)
  • Sydney: Circular Quay, Brighton Le Sands
  • Melbourne: Vermont Tennis Club, Sydney Rd x Blyth Strett (Brunswick), St. Kilda Beach
  • Brisbane: Indooroopilly, Brisbane/CBD, Nundah / Jimboomba
  • Adelaide: St MarysWoodville, RichmondParafield Gardens
  • Perth: East Perth waterfront, near Arden st AND Claisebrook cove, before the Love lock area under the bridge
  • Canberra: Fyshwick (Newcastle Street), Murrumbateman Village, Questacon, ANU Lena lodge
  • Hobart: (Unlisted)
  • Darwin: Esplanade (rare)
  • Sydney: (Unlisted)
  • Melbourne: Burwood
  • Brisbane: (Unlisted)
  • Adelaide: Marion (San Churros)
  • Perth: KingFisher Park
  • Canberra: Civic
  • Hobart: (Unlisted)
  • Darwin: (Unlisted by confirmed it can hatch from 5km and 10km eggs)
  • Sydney: (Unlisted)
  • Melbourne: Lilydale Lake (Unconfirmed)
  • Brisbane: (Unlisted)
  • Adelaide: Rundle Mall
  • Perth: (Unlisted)
  • Canberra: Lake Tuggeranong, Turner, Sydney Park near lake, Belconnen lake, Pine Island
  • Hobart: (Unlisted)
  • Darwin: (Unlisted)
  • Sydney: (Unlisted)
  • Melbourne: East Beaumaris Concourse, Flagstaff
  • Brisbane: (Unlisted)
  • Adelaide: Royal Park, Woodville (near QEH), Marleston. Rosewater (rare), Mitcham
  • Perth: (Unlisted)
  • Canberra: Black mountain tower; Hotel Realm – Barton; VB,Canberra Outlet
  • Hobart: (Unlisted)
  • Darwin: Esplanade (rare)
  • Sydney: (Unlisted)
  • Melbourne: (Unlisted)
  • Brisbane: (Unlisted)
  • Adelaide: (Unlisted)
  • Perth: (Unlisted)
  • Canberra: Good Hope, Lake Tuggeranong (very rare spawn)
  • Hobart: (Unlisted)
  • Darwin: (Unlisted but confirmed that it can hatch from 10km egg)
  • Sydney: (Unlisted)
  • Melbourne: Citi Power Richmond
  • Brisbane: (Unlisted)
  • Adelaide: Largs Bay (esplanade)
  • Perth: East Perth riverfront, by Arden St
  • Canberra: Civic (Fountain), Old Parliament House, Scullin, Queanbeyan (Yass Rd), Museum, Shanghai Dumpling House
  • Hobart: (Unlisted)
  • Darwin: Esplanade (rare)


Unfortunately, you won’t find Mew and Mewtwo on the list as they’re event specific and we don’t have any information on them at this stage.

For a more comprehensive list of Pokemon that you can find around Australia, head over to Finder.com.au.

Have you caught any ultra-rare Pokemon in the wild? Tell us where you spotted them in the comments!

[Via Finder.com.au]


  • We’ve picked up a Vulpix on the Bonner/Forde border in Canberra. We—I mean my partner, the arsehole—have also hatched a Snorlax from 10K egg found in Bonner.

  • Can confirm Dragonite at Lilydale Lake. Mine was 150 CP. It’s also raining dratini there.

  • It lists a place called Maze in Brisbane. Does anyone know where in Brisbane that is? I have lived in Brisbane for years and have never heard of it.

  • Saw a Porygon at Perth Zoo yesterday. Unfortunately, he got away despite getting him with my first ball.

  • I can confirm I have found Pikachu, Onix and Vulpix all at Hindmarsh Square in Adelaide.

    I call shenanigans on this list! They are everywhere!!!

  • My gf got a Jynx at Rhodes station, we both got an Onyx at Rhodes and a Golem and also a few Pikachus

  • you can also get pikachu at enmore park in sydney, you can get like 3 of them

  • In Brisbane, check out the Botanic Gardens in the city for Jynx. The park by Nundah station reliably spawns Vulpix. UQ at St Lucia is crawling with Slowpokes and Psyducks. Coro Drive or anywhere along the river is good for Magikarp and Krabby, and South Bank has quite a few Bellsprouts. The Botanic Gardens at Mt Cootha was a bit of a bust- mostly zubats.

    We’re still hunting for a good spot for dratini =\

    • Gardens point old government house:: is what I’ve heard if you want Dratini,Onyx , Ryhorn , Rydon , Magicarp , Ghastly , Voltorb and Pinsir.

      • Just another place I’ve heard of is along the Brisbane River. (Coronation Rd. Toowong)

  • I have gotten like 5 Jynx, at the Sydney technology park. Mostly opposite the post office corner of Davy rd and Henderson rd in the park. I live local so I go there often

  • I found a couple snorlaxs in my nearby list while travelling through ashgrove in Brisbane it also hatches from 10km eggs

  • I caught an Onyx at long beach near the tidal polls pokestop and an electabuzz at Taroona Park (taroona crescent entrance) – can admin add these to the Hobart ones please 🙂

  • I caught Pikachu on the side of the highway just below the Governor General’s house in Hobart.

  • I just spotted Kangaskhan in Darwin but I ran out of pokeballs and couldn’t get him!!!! Argh

  • hey I’m from Perth and we can get Jynx in King’s Park or around Highgate and I’ve heard there’s sometime san Onyx next at Centenary Park (spelling?) in Shelley.

  • If anyone still plays this. I’m visiting a small town in wa and there’s nothing to do so I decided to fire this up. Ihave spotted a vulpix, onix, pikachu and a bunch of desert pokemon all in a 100m distance from where I am staying.

  • pokemon dont stay in one area. for pikachu it says for brisbane, lake eden in north lakes, i live in North Lakes and i have probably been around the lake like 20 times and i have only seen 1 pikachu

  • Canberra PoGo players run a regularly-updated nests list on Facebook ‘Pokémon Go Canberra – Nests, Spawn Points & Hot Spots’ – as well as passing all confirmed nest info to The Silph Road Nest Atlas

    I don’t think Canberra is the PoGo Mecca this article makes out; probably just more info from here.

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