Free Burger Friday: Remember To Order Your Free Burger From Deliveroo ASAP

Free Burger Friday: Remember To Order Your Free Burger From Deliveroo ASAP

Deliveroo is serving up free burgers today from a variety of burger joints across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane — but you’ll have to be very quick. The restaurant list has been finalised. Here are the details.

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As we reported earlier this week, Deliveroo has teamed up with a bunch of burger joints to offer up free burgers to people across its Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane delivery zones on July 15. Yes, that’s today! Here are some of the burger shops that are participating (this is the final list that Deliveroo provided to us last night):[related title=”More Stories on Burgers” tag=”burgers” items=”3″]


  • Barrio Cellar
  • Hub House Diner
  • Down N’Out by Hashtag Burgers
  • Forresters
  • Chur Burger
  • Surlys
  • Jack’s Burgers
  • D’Munchies
  • BondiTony’s
  • Paradise Road Diner
  • Small Bar & Kitchen
  • Moo Gourmet Burgers Manly
  • Moo Gourmet Burgers Coogee
  • BurgerCrave
  • Mamas Buoi
  • Mojo by Luke Mangan
  • Jimmy’s on the Spit


  • St Kilda Burger Bar
  • Saintly Burger
  • Hello Sam
  • Huxtaburger
  • Thaiger Burger
  • Mama’s Buoi
  • The Beaufort & Ikes
  • Caffe La Via
  • San jose
  • The B.EAST
  • Danny’s Burgers
  • C H James
  • Three one 2 One
  • Le Petit Prince Armadale


  • St Baxter
  • Buffalo Bar
  • Hop & Pickle

The deal is happening between 12pm and 3pm. You can order your free burger by visiting the Deliveroo website or through its mobile app and selecting the burger icon that will be displayed from 12pm to 3pm.

Deliveroo is committed to delivering its burgers within a 32-minute time frame; you can check the progress of the order through the Deliveroo app. Burgers are limited to availability, so be quick! (By our estimation this promotion is going to sell out in minutes — we recommend perusing the menu prior to 12pm to help speed up the process.)

Also, you can only order up to the value of $20.

You can find the Deliveroo website here. You can download the app for iOS and Android by hitting the links.


    • Yep, clearly – and it’s not legal to promote a product and not have a reasonable supply of it.

      It’s a form of bait advertising

      Maybe the consumer watchdogs don’t care but I still think we should report this kind of behaviour if we don’t want companies wasting our time and providing them with free marketing. Lifehacker should be pissed off too, trust in these kind of articles being legit has just dropped a couple of notches, dontcha think?!

      • That doesn’t mean it isn’t a scam.

        Maybe you’re right about the govt not caring – but if enough complaints come in – then they will…so your comments just perpetuate this kind of dodgy marketing tactic

  • Not a scam, I got one, tried both App and the Website. Took a while of fiddling but I got it eventually, had to use a code. Went into Huxtaburger and it had the details at the top banner for it all. Bit frustrating, don’t think it’ll win them any fans though to be honest.

      • Oh I see, 95-99% of other people, excellent, can you please link me to your source? Or is that purely anecdotal/ completely made up?

        There were limited numbers, of course a large number of people wouldn’t get one, that’s kind of the point. That doesn’t make it a scam anymore than Lotto is. It would be like complaining to Fair Trading that you didn’t win the Lotto!

        • You make two great sounding but irrelevant points. For the benefit of others I’ll explain why

          Your Lotto example is not relevant because it is clear to people who purchase lotteries exactly how many winners there will be – not the case here.

          In a legal case between Deliveroo and the regulator or a customer – it’s on Deliveroo to prove that they had grounds to believe there was a reasonable supply of burgers based on their market and the advertisement. Considering the advertised “free burger” period was 12noon to 3pm and that, by most accounts, there were no burgers by 12:05 and in one restaurant’s case 11:58am; it’s not unreasonable to ask for an explanation.

          My source for that is Sch 2 Competiton and Consumer Act 2010 section 35 ‘Bait Advertising’.

          And seriously, why do you care so much?

  • Managed to order a burger, but it’s been sitting at “Preparing your order – 26 minutes” forever.
    Update – I’ve given up and having soup. Soup made of vegetables, noodles, chicken and tears.

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