What's Your Favourite Ambient Noise App?

What's Your Favourite Ambient Noise App?

There are a lot of great ambient noise apps out there, like Noisli, the serene Jazz and Rain, and the epic Warp Speed Noise Generator. What's your favourite tool for customising and listening to great background noise while you work, meditate, and play.

Photo by David Spinks.

My personal favourite is Noisli, and I've even used it while running a tabletop game or two. But I want to know what apps you guys are using to prime your productivity and take your focus to the max. It can be free or paid, and on any platform. Share your favourites in the comments below.


    I prefer ambient music to ambient noise - Bluemars' Cryosleep station is gorgeous and beatless.


    My favourite is A Soft Murmur (which had a neat Android app, too): http://asoftmurmur.com

    Been using Ambio on Android for years. You can set up some pretty decent mixes with it.

    I haven't tried out as many of these as I would like, but I have been using an Android app called Sleep Fan:
    And also one called White Noise Free:

    Personally I like Sleep Fan better; and I use it most nights. There's just something I like about the soft, whirring sound of a fan, maybe it's because I find the sound of computer fans relaxing.

    The sounds of waves, rain, rain forests etc don't make me feel better. This is because they remind me of the time I used to live in a tropical paradise (Cairns, Far North Queensland). But unfortunately, I don't live there anymore, so these sounds actually make me feel sad, because they remind me of those great days, and leaving is one of the biggest regrets of my life.

    So, fan noises are what do it for me, because they are more emotionally neutral.

    It's not an app - yet - but I love https://mynoise.net/. Absolutely awesome stuff. Worth checking out. I like it so much I contribute.

      Agreed -- cannot say enough good things about mynoise. Right now, I'm listening to tropical rain on a tin roof. Fabulous.

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