Simple Ways To Keep Pets Out Of, Or Safe Around, Your Garden [Infographic]

By now, your garden should be in pretty good condition, but if you need a hand keeping your furry companion out of it — or you didn't plant this year because you were worried about it — these suggestions from HomeAdvisor can help.

The video above essentially mirrors the tips in the graphic below, so they both have the same information — but it's all good. Some of it is stuff you've probably figured out, like using chicken wire to keep pets (and other animals near your home) at bay, but some other suggestions, like sectioning off a sandbox or a pet play area, are also great for encouraging your pets to have their fun somewhere you're not trying to grow flowers or food.

Similarly, make sure you choose fertiliser and plants for your garden that are pet-friendly, just in case they manage to get in there anyway. We've shared some pets that are best avoided and some other pet-friendly plants, but if you're not sure, consult the ASPCA's database before you buy.

Beyond that, the graphic is full of tips to pick good furniture and to make your yard a pet-friendly place. Check out the full graphic below.

Simple Ways to Keep Pets Out of, or Safe Around, Your Garden

[Via HomeAdvisor]


    Never ever use ZERO, it is killing bees.

    Good to list the poison mulches: I'm off to stock up and home they wipe out my neighbour's bird killing cat that likes to sleep in my front garden.

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