If You Use Google’s Voice Search, You Might Want To Delete The Recorded History

If you’re fond of the phrase “OK Google”, or use the virtual assistant, then you may want to pay a little visit to your Google account’s history page, where there may be a recording of everything you’ve said around a Google product for a period of time.

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In an effort to improve its various AIs that process vocal inputs, such as voice search or text-to-speech, Google records everything you say. Much like it records all your text searches, uses that to improve its service, and then adapts its ads to include those ultra high, red latex boots you keep searching for but never buy. We all do that, right?

You can head to your history page now and see exactly what’s been recorded. There are separate sections for audio and location data.

This trick didn’t work for me, as I’ve switched off all the Google extras. Voice search, locations, everything — so my history page looks quite blank. But if you’re one of the many people who love the convenience of shouting into your phone as you drive, or cook, or whatever else, then it might surprise you to see much of what you’ve said still lingering around online.

It’s also quite possible that things that were considered private or sensitive were recorded, and one would naturally be alarmed that anyone with access to your Google account would also have access to these recordings. The good news is you can head there now and delete them all.

You can also turn these services off. It won’t stop the data going to Five Eyes – and in the future, Skynet – but it might stop some snoopy person from checking your location history if you leave your computer for a few minutes.

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