Classic Hacks: Simplify Your Wardrobe With Just 10 Items

Classic Hacks: Simplify Your Wardrobe With Just 10 Items

As the seasons change, many people will find themselves shopping for a few new pieces — or even a whole new wardrobe — to get them through the colder weather. The more clothing you have, however, the harder it can be to put an outfit together, but you can solve that by cutting back to just 10 items.

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Jennifer L. Scott gave her TEDx talk on the ten-item wardrobe back in 2014, and though styles may have changed, the advice is just as relevant as ever.

Scott offers examples of the 10 core items, for women and more men. A female core wardrobe for autumn might include: one pair of slacks, two jeans, three dresses and four blouses. For men: seven shirts and three trousers.

This doesn’t include extras like t-shirts, sweaters, outerwear, scarves and special-occasion clothes, but the point is to get your essential clothing into a manageable capsule so you could pull any two pieces together at any time.

The advantages of the ten-item wardrobe are numerous — not only will it save you time and money, it also forces you to think about your style in a very simplistic way. How would you best distil your own personal style into only ten items? When you’re buying less, you can also invest in higher quality clothing that will last you a much longer time.

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