Build A Solid VR-Ready PC For Less Than $1700

We've seen a few different builds for VR-ready gaming rigs, but if you're curious what some pros are planning on using, Tested partnered with Loyd Case to put together their VR testing PC for about $1700. $1700 isn't exactly the cheapest way to do things, but considering Tested is planning on using this as their in-house VR testing system, it's nice to see what they pick to round out their PC after a ton of hardware tests. Their hope is to put together a PC that's affordable and uses some pre-existing hardware you might already have, but includes powerful components where necessary. Here's what they picked:

The total for all those components is around $1664, though you might be able to reduce that if you shop around. It also assumes you already have a keyboard, mouse and all those other basics. Of course, this is just one particular build and there are hundreds of other ways to do things, especially if you don't care about VR.

How to Build a $1000 Virtual Reality Gaming PC [YouTube]


    Thank you. So many guides go the same route and tell you to use an $800 plus GPU "to be sure", when for a lot of people, all they need is a more midrange card and they're gtg.

    I know my rig just needs a new vid card, and have been looking to see what a decent minimum card is.

    Or just wait 6 months and it'll be $1,200 (or something like that)...

    Nah you're good with a 970, if you want go for 980 just to be sure and you'll be gravy baby.

    Occulus specify a minimum of a 970, hence most likely the recommendation here. Hopefully we see the new generation of cards soon as I'm hanging out for one myself! Or I could get a Voodoo 2, not sure how that'll run.

    Or you can build it for even less:

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