Briefly: Cosplay Thefts, FTTdp, Tesla Pricing

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: the newest fibre distribution technology is FTTdp, cosplayers are tired of having their hard work stolen and how much is the Model 3 likely to set you back?

  • The newest addition to the FTTN vs FTTP debate is something called FTTdp. Confused yet? Gizmodo's here to explain what it is — and why you should care.
  • A new game from Rockstar alumni is pushing the boundaries of what a video game is and what it should be. Chronicling the turbulent Iranian Revolution of 1979, the aptly named 1979 Revolution has been reviewed by the folks at Kotaku.
  • Want a Tesla Model 3 but unsure how much it's going to set you back in Australia? Business Insider has crunched the numbers to give you a better idea of its potential Australian pricing.
  • Cosplay photographers are tired of people stealing their photos, but it's not a problem with a simple solution. Kotaku investigates.


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