Briefly: Broken Robot Laws, Darth Vader Burns, Asia Versus Australia

Why Asimov's Three Laws Of Robotics Can't Protect Us

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Why the famous Three Laws Of Robotics can't protect us, Darth Vader's smart mouth and cultural differences between Asia and Australia.

Image credit: Terminator

  • Science fiction author Issac Asimov is famous for crafting the Three Laws Of Robotics that would theoretically protecting humans from being harmed by robots. Find out why his laws are flawed over at Gizmodo Australia.
  • Head over to Kotaku Australia for some of Darth Vader's best burns (not counting the ones covering his entire body).
  • Read about the biggest cultural differences between companies in Australia and Asia, according to an Asia Pacific executive on Business Insider Australia.
  • Take a look inside the home of Samantha Jade, the actress who played Kylie Minogue in a recent TV series over at POPSUGAR.


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