Telstra 4G Will Support 1000Mbps Download Speeds Soon

Telstra's 4G mobile network in capital cities is going to get a lot faster with the company revealing that it will upgrade it to support LTE Category 16 standard devices, which will support theoretical maximum download speeds of 1000Mbps. Read on to find out more.

Last year, Telstra began supporting Category 9 that had a theoretical maximum download speed of around 450Mbps along with other technologies that upped that speed even further for its 4GX network. This time around, the increase is dramatic and even the theoretical maximum upload speed will be given a significant boost, sitting at 150Mbps.

Of course, theoretical download speeds mean jack all if you're not in the right area or have the right device to take advantage of them. You also have to remember that you're sharing the network with others so you'll never get the theoretical maximum. Telstra lists on their website that 4GX devices currently have a typical download speed of 2 to 75Mbps on 4GX.

Nonetheless, Telstra will still be able to boast that it will be the first telco in the world to support the fastest network standard. It plans to release compatible devices that will be able to make the most of the upgraded 4GX network later this year and will look to upgrade its broader 4G network in the future. Telstra is also teaming up with Netgear to create the world's first Category 16 hotspot.

Currently, the 4GX network coverage is patchy and caters only to densely populated areas, as you can see on Telstra's coverage map:

Telstra's competitor, Optus, also offers limited support for Category 9 devices on its 4G network. No word yet on whether Optus will follow suit on upgrading its network but stay tuned.


    What devices support the new standard? Does my iPhone 6S have this capability?

      I don't think any decide currently on the market supports it as yet.

      It was only 2 weeks ago that Qualcomm announced the chip which manufacturers can use to add this to their device:

      So no, your iPhone doesn't support it and I don't think Apple will for a little while as they don't use Qualcomm chips.

    This is fantastic news - I will soon be able to go through my entire month's allowance in 30 seconds!!

      You have a 30GB allowance with Telstra - that must cost several thousand per month

        3gb. Note that a gigaBIT connection (which is being advertised by Telstra) has the capability of transferring roughly 100megaBYTEs per second.

    I'd be more excited if they increased the size of their plans.

    That's amazing! Now I just have to get approval for a second mortgage so that I can afford it. Maybe I'll sell one of my children.

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