Lonely Planet’s New Mobile Guides Help You Discover Cities Around The Globe

Android/iOS: Lonely Planet is well known for their city guides, designed to help travellers around the globe make the most of their trips, and their new mobile app, Guides, brings all of that great information to your smartphone. Guides is free to download and install, and it supports 38 destination cities across six continents — and Lonely Planet says that’s just for starters. They will update the app with even more soon. It’s packed with curated city guides for destinations such as New York, Moscow, London, Paris, Cape Town and Rome, just to name a few, all written by Lonely Planet experts. The app also features offline maps, navigation features for those offline maps and bookmarking so you can save sights and destinations you’d like to see or read more about.

The app also suggests activities for travellers in its supported cities, and is full of essential travel tips, etiquette suggestions and other great-to-know tidbits to read whether you’re planning your next trip or you’re already on the ground in another country or city. Hit the links below to learn more, or download the app.

Guides [Lonely Planet] Guides by Lonely Planet (Free) [Google Play] Guides by Lonely Planet (Free) [iTunes App Store]

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