Gmailify Gives Your Yahoo Or Outlook Email Accounts Access To Gmail's Features

Android: You've been able to add email accounts from Yahoo or Outlook into the Gmail app on Android for a while, but starting today, Google's giving those third-party emails access to all the bells and whistles in Gmail too. Gmailify links your Yahoo or Outlook account to Gmail, where it can then offer up spam protection, inbox organisation and create Google Now cards. This means you'll be able to use most of Gmail's great features without leaving behind that email address you've clung to for the last 10 years. Just sign into your email in the Android Gmail app, then enable Gmailify to get started.

Gmailify: The best of Gmail, without an @gmail address [Gmail Blog]


    Will this give us real-time push notifications? Or will it still be the old fashioned check every 15 minutes?

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