Dealhacker: Kogan Is Now Selling The Chromecast 2 In Australia

The Google Chromecast 2 is finally coming to Australia, some five months after its international release date. (Tch.) The first retailer off the rank is Kogan, which is selling the streaming wonder-gizmo for $59. Compared to the US price of US$35 ($49.37) — plus tax — this is a pretty good price.

According to online rumblings and pre-emptive price listings from the likes of JB Hi-Fi, the Chromecast 2 is just a few weeks away from launching Down Under. In the meantime, you can snap up a grey import version from Kogan. As mentioned, the price of the device is pretty reasonable when exchange rates and US tax is taken into account — you're looking at a markup of around $5. (Plus delivery.)

Buy it here.


    Kogan's price is $99 + Delivery.

      WITH delivery, it comes to $121.99 for me. That's... not a very good deal.

    Checked it out 2 days ago~$59 is not bad but they want $22.99 delivery to my place. Reckon I'll wait a while.

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