WhatsApp Is Now Free For Everyone, No Subscription Required

WhatsApp Is Now Free For Everyone, No Subscription Required

WhatsApp is one of the most popular alternative messaging apps in the world, despite charging most users $US0.99 per year. Now, that fee is going away for everyone. As the company announced in a blog post today, the company is getting rid of the already-tiny yearly subscription cost. It also promises it's not replacing the fee with ads, either. Instead, WhatsApp is experimenting with ways to partner with businesses to deliver messages to users in the app itself. For example, if your bank already texts you notifications about a recent transaction, WhatsApp wants to handle this directly.

It's unclear if this method of monetising the app will work, but given that the company is owned by Facebook, they likely have some room to experiment. In the meantime, all users can now use WhatsApp without limitations for free. Not bad.

Making WhatsApp free and more useful [WhatsApp via Android Police]


    Not sure why they thought charging a subscription was a good idea.

    There are countless apps out there that do the same, if not more, for free! So I don't know why it's popular.

    Since it's a free app now, third party ads will pop up every time you use this app which is the same thing how the blog site earn profit.

    I've been using it for years and have not once paid the subscription. Every time it's about to expire, it has been renewed for free...


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