The Easiest Way To Avoid Static Shock When Exiting Your Car

If you've ever wondered why your car will sometimes give you a painful shock when you climb out, this video explains the science behind it, and how to prevent it. In this video from the Physics Girl YouTube channel, host Dianna Cowern explains exactly why exiting your car can cause a nasty static shock when you touch the outside of it. When you get out of the car, you slide your body across the seat, and that can leave both the seat and your body statically charged. If the air is cold and dry enough, the charge will quickly and violently transfer from your body into the car's metal and shock you. Cowern suggests the easiest way to avoid this is by touching the metal while you exit the vehicle. Even if charge builds up, it will slowly flow from your body to the metal without creating the violent "shocking" event.

How to not get shocked exiting a car [YouTube]


    Trampolines are the same.

    My 3 year old got one for Christmas. He's not super happy at the moment because when he goes to get off, the metal shocks him. Then he has a big sook and roll around on it, charging himself back up again.

    He thought it was funny the first day, but obviously the novel of static electricity has worn off.

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