Write A ‘Thank You’ Note To Your Interviewer After A Botched Interview

Write A ‘Thank You’ Note To Your Interviewer After A Botched Interview

You choked in your last interview and now you fear you’ve killed your chances at scored your dream job. But all hope is not lost. A “thank you” note might help you get back in the race.

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According to a blog post by salary information company PayScale, the best way to recover after a horrendous job interview is to follow up with a “thank you” note, which serves a dual purpose. For one, it a polite gesture, but it can also be used to clarify any answers to questions that were asked during the interview and to provide examples of work successes.

PayScale recommends the following approach when putting together your post-job interview “thank you” letter:

[The note] should be relevant to the interview and pretty brief. Your thank-you letter should not be more than two to three paragraphs. In case you do not have the contact details of your interviewer, write to your recruiter and request that she pass along your note to the interviewer.

Of course, if you don’t hear back even after you send that note, there’s not much you can do. At least you’ve gained some valuable experience that will make you better at your next job interview.

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