Get Over Your Desire To Buy Luxuries By Just Doing The Maths

Get Over Your Desire To Buy Luxuries By Just Doing The Maths

True to what your maths teacher told you, maths can help you everyday life. When it comes to everyday purchases, most of us skip the maths. If we didn’t, we might not buy so many luxury items.

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker.

As personal finance blog Mr. Everyday Dollar points out, even minor purchases can need a little maths. You may want to figure out what the best per-unit price is, or just see how much credit card interest will really cost you in the long run when buying something big. By just doing the maths, you may keep your impulse buying at bay.

As I mentioned earlier, if people did the maths, they’d figure out that buying a house isn’t the best financial decision. While doing the maths is so important for big stuff — like buying a house — it’s equally important for smaller stuff too.

Of course, you may do the maths and decide that it’s worth buying that item after all, but in a different, more price-efficient package. Maths is work, and admittedly it’s hard to find the time in the day to over-analyse every single dollar you spend, but if you’re struggling over whether or not to indulge, grab the calculator.

Here Is the Ultimate Method to Reverse Lifestyle Inflation and Regain Control of Your Money [Mr. Everyday Dollar via Rockstar Finance]

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