Make A Toy Storage Box And Cubby Shelf With Just A Few Pieces Of Wood

Having kids means having too many toys. This DIY project looks like an easy solution to toy clutter: There's a big bin for dumping large toys and organisation for smaller ones as well.

The ever-productive Ana White offers free plans for this vertical toy storage box on her blog as well as additional tips in the video above.

You only need about four pieces of wood (all 1x's), hardboard for the back, finishing nails, and other standard tools for this project.

Head to the link below for the instructions to make this toy container for your little one.

Toy Storage Bin Box with Cubby Shelves [Ana White]


    LOL I counted at least 9 pieces of wood, where did they get 4 from.

    Having kids at home means giving up on being neat and orderly I think! I mean, even with storage units installed and set up for the kids to put their toys away into, it's just a matter of time before they take everything out and make the room messy again, isn't it? Just leave things be! Haha!

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