Fix Small Wall Holes With Bicarbonate Soda And Super Glue

Fix Small Wall Holes With Baking Soda and Super Glue

Those little nail or thumbtack holes in a wall are tiny, but unsightly. Thankfully, it's easy enough to fill them. All you need is a little bicarbonate soda and some super glue.

Photo by romana klee.

You could fill wall holes with toothpaste, but this solution is a little more permanent. Via the blog of home maintenance expert Bob Vila:

add a little baking soda to a drop of super glue to form a super-strength sealant. After quickly combining these two products with the help of a toothpick, immediately apply the mixture directly to the wall. After it dries, start sanding the hard, plastic-like finish until it's flush with the wall. Not only is this fix effective for small holes, but it can solve cracks in corner walls too! One word of caution: Wear gloves and be sure that this super-strength, fast-drying glue never comes in contact with your skin. Otherwise, you may have an even bigger problem on your hands than a hole in the wall.

For obvious reasons, you probably want to wear gloves with this method. For more tips, check out the link below.

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall [Bob Vila]


    Super glue is soluble in water. If it's a plaster wall, wouldn't you just fill them with plaster?

    Or selleys spakfilla.... Which is made for the purpose, available at most stores like woollies and Coles and is dirt cheap....

    This bicarbonate idea is just dumb

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