How Much Money You'll Save With These Common Energy Saving Strategies

How Much Money You'll Save With These Common Energy Saving Strategies

Cutting back on electricity can save you some cash, but the savings vary. For example, unplugging an idle phone charge will only save you a few bucks per year. On the other hand, using an electric heater rather than gas could shave 70% off your heating bill. This chart tells you how much you'll actually save using a handful of different strategies.

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Web publisher Michael Bluejay runs a fascinating and thorough site on saving electricity. He lists a number of different ways to save money, and even offers a handy chart that quantifies your savings with 10 of the most common methods for saving, complete with a full list of methodology.

Bluejay also has an interactive tool that allows you to calculate the actual cost of different appliances in your home. While the savings are based on US pricing, a lot of the information is broadly applicable to Australia so it's definitely worth a look.

Saving Electricity [Michael Bluejay]


    Nope, gas heating is far cheaper in Australia

      Only if you can get it from a pipe. Gas from a bottle is about as expensive as it gets.

    1. Get a better electricity rate from your retailer
    2. If you have halogen downlights, change to LED

    Those two changes will pay dividends without changing your lifestyle or breaking the bank.

      Turn the lights off if you're not in a room
      Use natural lighting rather than electrical lights

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