Build A 3D Printer For Under $500 (And A Lot Of Dedication)

Build a 3D Printer For Under $US300 (Plus a Lot of Dedication)

We'll be up front here: this project isn't easy. However, if you're up for a challenge that will probably take up several weekends, these plans to build your own 3D printer for under $500 are pretty killer.

Instructables user AlmusYang has put together a thorough guide to building a home-made 3D printer. The process isn't simple, of course. You'll have to order laser-cut parts and other mechanical pieces that you might not be able to find at your local hardware store. However, since even low-quality 3D printers are still pretty expensive, this may be worth a shot.

Like our own guide to building a kickass robot arm, this isn't going to be something you accomplish in an afternoon. It's best to view this as a learning experience and a long-term project. If you can make it through, though, you'll have a pretty killer tool.

Building a 3D Printer Under 299$US [Instructables]


    The thing i find suspicious is that there are no examples of what it can create and how good the final product is and no videos of it functioning. Not that i don't believe this project will work but if it's a difficult and time consuming project, you want some reassurance that the thing is actually going to work.

    For those that haven't seen RepRap (the first self replicating 3D printer, or mostly anyway).

    Everyone should get a 3D printer at least as a hobby. The Dremel I bought ( has been great, does everything I want to do, and is great for hobbyists. 3D printing is the way of the future for sure!

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