You Can Now Save URLs Into Dropbox

You Can Now Save URLs Into Dropbox

For those who want to access saved URLs across all devices and browsers, you can now do so using Dropbox. The company has added a handy feature that lets you just drag and drop URLs directly into Dropbox so you can view them at a later time or share them with others.

These days, most browsers allow you to sync your bookmarks across different devices but that confines the saved URLs to a specific browser and they’re usually annoying to organise. With Dropbox’s new feature, you can drag and drop URLs into folders easily.

While it doesn’t seem like much, this can be of great benefit to workers and students who need to share a collection of URLs with their peers for collaboration on a project and so on.

The features if now up and running. You can try it now if you already have a Dropbox account.

[Via Dropbox Blog]